"If you think hiring an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur!"

Let's get straight to the point 🤠! I help high growth minded SOLO entrepreneurs and SaaS entrepreneurs using a proven acquisition framework. I am a veteran digital solutions architect and partner with Go High Level, Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud Platform, Meta Platforms, and TikTok Business Platform.

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Meet Richard Peoples

Richard Peoples Digital is a Digital Marketing Expert and Instructor with over 12 years experience online. In 2005, Richard began his marketing career in traditional media marketing and direct response marketing for local businesses.

In 2010, Richard worked for Google and Facebook as an advertising account executive for 24 months with a total of $29 Million in ad spend under management. Since then, Richard partnered with over a dozen marketing agencies and Saas companies as Fractional CMO to help them grow MRR and ARR by 8-10x. During the pandemic, Richard launched PDG to provide educational based content and data driven strategies to the marketing community online. Richard is certified and trained on Google Marketing Platform, Facebook Blueprint, TikTok, GoHighLevel, and Zapier. You can find some of Richard's courses on marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Youtube and more!

My Framework & Results

My framework and systems have helped marketing agencies generate over $9,055,000 for their clients! But the problem is less than 5% of marketing agencies help businesses meet their marketing goals online. Your number one goal online should be learning how to Generate Floods of New Leads and Repeat Customers Online.

Ever wondered why marketing online works for some and not for others? What's the secret to growth? No more SECRETS!

The companies that achieve these types of results, typically follow a proven approach and use predictable and profitable systems. This is where we come in, to help identify systems that impact growth and revenue online.


Meta Ads

Microsoft Ads

TikTok Ads

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Go High Level



Meta Ads

Microsoft Ads

TikTok Ads

Linkedin Ads

Go High Level


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Book a Meeting with Richard Peoples

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What You’ll Do Before the Meeting

Prior to our call, we will research your existing social media page(s) management, website, and any other formats you have available for insight for a starting point. You will also receive a questionnaire to complete prior to our call to guide the conversation and to help lay out your expectations.

What Happens During the Meeting

Based on your questionnaire, we will prioritize your needs and goals to coincide with your vision for your name/brand/company.

What Changes After the Meeting

You will be able to determine if you need more assistance from the Farr More Group to help meet the goals you set. You can build your package a 'Lacarte or you can choose from a set package of services.

Here are a few of the individuals and organizations we have worked with:

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Office of Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr

  • Former U.S. Attorney Ed Tarver

  • Paine College

  • City of Augusta

  • Leah Abney, Candidate

  • Freddie Mae Foundation

  • Augusta Partnership for Children

  • United Way

  • Family Promise of Augusta

  • Bridge Ministries

  • Jam in the Now Productions

  • McKie Foundation

  • Georgia Soul Women's Basketball team

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